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Hi I’m

Bianca McKenzie

I love working with purpose driven entrepreneurs who have a program, product or service that leaves a legacy.

I especially love partnering with them to create a bigger impact by helping them scale their business and serve more clients or customers with strategic, results driven Facebook Ads.

One of the things I love about managing Ads for clients is being part of something that can transform the lives of my clients by increasing their revenue and also the ripple effect that their offer has in the lives of their clients and potentially generations to come.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising


We work with you to develop your personalised marketing plan to create ad campaigns that attract and convert your ideal clients with persuasive copywriting and our proprietary Ad strategies to generate automated sales for your program, your launch or fill the calendar of your sales team.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Training

Want to know how to run your Ads as efficiently as possible? Are there gaps in your campaigns which are not just losing you money but also costing you money? Investing into Advertising training and getting personalised 1-on-1 support can not only bring you peace of mind but also increase your revenue.


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